Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Varroa count calculator

No results yet of the mite drop but I have come across this addition to a website which you may find useful to calculate whether any treatment is necessary.


Lynn said...

Hi Cliff. I'm a second year beekeeper from North Carolina. Last year my first hive went into winter with very few bees and no reserve honey. Our weather had been terrible, drought and dearth, and there was simply no honey made. I also had started with a nuc hive. Although I had to feed them sugar syrup all winter, the colony made it and has rewarded me this year with 3 supers of honey and are still working. I'll leave plenty for them. I wish you and your bees the best. I'll be following their progress.

Cliff W said...

Thanks Lynn - that's very enouraging.

I was looking at your own Blog. Your garden looks beautiful - exactly what I aspire to with our own cottage garden although we have a very long way to go.

Good luck with your own bees.

J said...

The link to the calculator is changing, to