Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fauna and flora from the Adriatic.

I'm not really sure of the name of most of these species - they just caught my eye when we were wondering around in the glorious weather and admiring the landscapes.

This plant had some wasps and butterflies feeding off it in the morning sunshine on the mountain near Kotor, Montenegro - zooming in the detail is extraordinary.

One of the plants you see frequently growing up the sides of houses and over old walls is, I think, bougainvillea with its vibrant pink-purplish flowers - amazing sight although this photo doesn't do them justice as a lot of the flowers were going to seed.

This ipomoea or Morning Glory was out in full flower - probably one of my favourite climbers.

Can anyone tell me the name of this plant? I recognise the leaf pattern from houseplants but the name escapes me. I reminds me of a cyclamen leaf??

That was short trip to the Adriatic along the Croatian and Montenegrin coastlines - thanks and please excuse the awful formatting. Once again, credit is due to Elva from whom I borrowed some of the photos! I am developing an ever-increasing respect for those accomplished nature photographers.


Lynn said...

The photos are incredible. You must have had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing with us.

The leafy plant is a coleus. I grew up in the deep south of the US and it's one of the plants my mother and grandmother would grow outside in the summer and take cuttings inside during the winter. It roots easily in water. I don't grow it so much anymore because snails love it and they are the one garden pest with which I have a huge problem.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Your flower closeup photo really reveals the gorgeous detail. It reminds me of a bible verse that goes something like: Solomon in all his glory is not robed as beautifully as the flowers of the field. I always felt that it was true :)

Beegirl said...

Hi Cliff! I wanted to shoot you an email from your nice comment on my blog, but I can't seem to find one.. Thanks for stopping by! Had to laugh, I have ashes from Mt. St. Helen's from when she erupted. My Aunt lived there at the time and scraped some off her garbage can lid and sent them to me in a jar. Still have them. Did make it to Europe in high school. Month tour starting in Rome then went to Florence, Switzerland, Paris, Loire Valley, ferried from Calais to Dover, saw London then flew home. Want to see it all again! Spent a weekend in Munich once too. Loved it. Glad to see your coleus. It is one of my mom's favorites!

Kat said...

Now I know the view that my grandmother may have seen from her native country of Croatia. Thanks for sharing that.