Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Water, water everywhere!

It's just a quick post as much for the record as anything.  Ireland, especially the south and western parts, has been experiencing the worst weather in years and this has led to major flooding in those areas.  The River Shannon, probably Ireland's most well-known river, has burst its banks in many areas including Athlone town which is about 35km from us.  Fortunately, our own house is on high ground and we'll escape the flooding.

A lot of Scotland and the northwestern areas of the England have been badly affected too - especially in Cockermouth in Cumbria where, about 15 years ago, I lived in a beautiful converted mill on the river.  Probably much of this amazing building was submerged in these floodwaters.

My heart goes out to all those poor souls whose lives have been so dramatically turned upside-down.


Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to be flooded out like that. I really feel for those people too. Glad to hear you're on high ground.

Mark's Bee-Haven said...

I concur with Barbara, Cliff! Stay higher and safe!

Its rained here for weeks, and the last two days have been rain-free, not cloud free though.

Glad you're okay!